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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How It All Began...

Astrology started for me in London, England. I was fed up with J.O.B.S. to make a living and decided I would not take another job just for the money. As I walked home, having just quit my bread and butter, I stopped into an amazing shop in Covent Garden that I passed by almost every day. There I met the owner and founder, Robert Currey. I remember he asked me how much I knew about astrology and I answered something vague. I thought, as most people do, that astrology was what I read in the papers. How wrong I was! Lucky for me, Robert Currey was a brave soul, and decided to give me a shot.

The horoscopes you read in the paper lump all the world's population into one of only 12 signs. That's it. So when you read your horoscope, you are lumping yourself into one of a dozen categories. Think of all the people you know. Are there only 12 personalities around you? Of course not! Astrology is very literal and based on mathematical calculations.

Using your time of birth, your date of birth and the longitude and latitude of the place where you born, an astrologer (or in today's world, a computer) calculates where the planets are angular at that specific time and place. If you have ever seen an astrological chart, a western chart looks like a circle cut into 12 uneven portions. Around the edge are the astrological signs, the portions are your houses or how you use your energy. Smattered around your chart wheel are planets and the sun and moon. These represent energy.

Astrology gets even more complicated the further you delve into it. Literally, you could spend a lifetime studying astrology and never run out of new things to learn! Vedic charts are square and used primarily in middle eastern astrology. Astro*Carto*Graphy takes a map of the world and superimposes your astrological chart over it. It is based on the premise that as you travel, you experience different places in very different ways. There is even astrology that interprets different events and places, such as the "birth" of a nation.

Journey with me through this vast world and experience the world, yourself, and others in a new light.


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