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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Astrological DNA - A Glimpse into the Criminal Mind

Forensics is the study of various aspects of a crime scene in order to solve a crime. It includes such things as DNA, psychological profiling, blood splatter, finger printing, ballistics, condition of the scene or, in the case of murder, the body. Forensics is a complicated list of puzzle pieces that allow experts to discover clues to victims, criminals, and missing persons. Popularized several years ago by TV shows such as "The Profiler" and "CSI", it is a field that has sparked deep interest in the young hearts and minds of today's up and coming students.

Can astrology help? There is a field of astrology that specializes in forensics. Using charts cast for last seen location, victims, suspect, the crime itself, and more, astrology can give law enforcement many clues to solving crimes. Forensic Astrology can find or eliminate suspects, gain important leads and profile the perpetrator. Consider it Astrological DNA!

For Books on the Subject: Forensic Astrology

Yahoo NewsGroup: Forensic Horary

For those who can't get enough: Crime Library


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Michele said...

You are doing such a wonderful job, I love your blog I do not know much on this subject but very interested in it and you make it so easy to learn and I look forward to reading and learning so much more and putting this to use in my every day life. I am especially intrigued with Astrology and the criminal mind, it is so interesting how using this can help finding the person, place or motive behind the crime... Just love it!! ~Michele~


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