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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Clearing up the "Cusp"

Have you been told you are "on the cusp" of a Zodiac sign? A cusp is a boundary line between the signs of the zodiac. In newspaper "Sun Sign" Horoscopes, did you know that the Sun changes signs different days each year? Some years it may change on the 23rd, others the 21st. In the newspaper, one choice will be made and followed, although it does not fit all years. So take a look at the dates used to define the signs in different papers, and you will notice this. This is usually how some people get misled or confused.

There are many people wandering around thinking they are part one sign and part another. In astrology, your planets are either in one or the other. Planets do not straddle fences. Of course you have traits of other signs in your personality! You are a complete person and it is only the energy focus that is different. Please remember that if something is true in an astrological chart, it will be repeated several times.

It is true that the first degree or less of any sign is always exceptionally strong in influence. So, saying "on the cusp" should really read: "Wow! You really have a lot of emphasis here!"


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