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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Debate over Pluto Demotion & What it Means to Astrology

For over 75 years astronomers have considered Pluto a planet. Recently the IUA (International Astronomical Union) decided to demote our beloved planet. Now, other astronomers are calling the IUA decision into question. For instance, how can you promote a now demoted planet's moon (Charon) to planet status, when it has been categorized as a moon? Is the moon of a dwarf planet a "real planet" when the planet it orbits is now considered something of a minor planet?

Confusion abounds. In astrology, Pluto signified turmoil. Pluto in your chart is where things are delved into deeply, torn apart and rebuilt. It seems fitting for this type of controversy!

To an astrologer the differences will be minimal. For years modern astrology has also counted in asteroids, and even "imaginary points", for interpretation. Pluto will still be in charts because it has street cred in interpretations, regardless of what it is called by astronomers. Each time something new is added to an interpretation, it is tested out in real life to make sure it is a valid indicator in astrology. There are so many variables to choose from in an astrological chart, and if something is true, it will be indicated several times by different pieces of the astrological puzzle, not just once.

  • BBC News: Pluto vote 'hijacked' in revolt

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