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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Difference Between Astrology and Tarot

Many people lump all sorts of different practices into one pile. Due to this, often people consider Tarot readings and Astrology interpretations to be in the same family. This is completely untrue. As I have explained in a previous post, Astrology uses a very precise method of mathematical calculation to show where planets are at the time and place of birth. From those calculations, a diagram called a chart is cast. It is from this chart that very exact and literal interpretations come from.

Tarot actually began as a card game. In fact, other playing cards were used first in the same way. In parts of Europe assorted "playing cards" are still used for divination instead of Tarot decks. Today, Tarot cards are laid out in specific patterns, depending on the situation and preference of the reader. Each card has a symbolic meaning and helps the reader tap into the unconscious. In this definition, it is believed that unconsciously we know all the answers we need, most of us just don't have the ability to access this knowledge on our own. Tarot is just a tool to point us in the right direction of what we need to hear.

You may have some overlap in the information that you receive from a Tarot reading and an Astrological interpretation. You can consider the two as different ways to get to the same end. However, if you have had a Tarot reading and an Astrological interpretation, you know that the vast amount of information in an Astrological interpretation can never be touched in one Tarot reading.

If you wish to have a Tarot reading, I would suggest the same thing that I do with Astrology. Make sure the person who you go to is versed and legitimate. Sadly, many of the readers that set up shop curbside with bright shiny neon signs are scams. They will tell you they see danger, "something bad" or a curse and then ask for money to remove it. A legitimate Tarot reader will never do this.

I had a neighbor who worked as a barrista. She visited a curb side Tarot reader who said just this to her. After the reading she trotted off to work. While at work, for 3 hours the power went off and she just had to sit there and not make any coffee. She was rattled by this and saw it as the bad omen that the Tarot reader foretold. Oddly, many people in her position would see that as a blessing. It was all in her mind set.

There are legitimate and very good Tarot readers out there. They tend to be very intuitive and precise in the things that they tell you. They will never create a situation that makes you feel like you need to return to "clear" a curse.

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