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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Don't Twins Have the Same Personality?

The fact that two twins living in the same house develop different personalities is one of the largest arguments skeptics use against astrology. Don't get me wrong. I love skeptics. Skeptics often become the people who whole heartedly embrace astrology once they see and understand how it really works. Nonetheless, this does a raise a good question.

There has been volumes of research on this. Two twins would share almost identical birth dates, places and times, off usually by only a few minutes. If astrology is so accurate, then why should these two "time twins" grow into such different personality types? First, let me say that Western Astrology believes in free will and learning as you grow your personality. Second, did you grow up with brothers and sisters? Think of your own household. You grew up in the same environment, yet all had different experiences and grew in different directions. The answer is not only environment any more than it is entirely astrology.

When you live in a family unit, or any group, everyone takes on different roles. This makes the group whole and it works better. In a relationship, one person who otherwise is a decision maker, may take a back seat and let the other make the decisions. In any individual chart there is a vast number of talents to choose from. A talent is something that you are very good at, but does not need to be artistic. Astrology can show you your potential, but it is up to you to focus on the items you choose to focus on. In a family, an individual fills gaps in the family unit.

Did you know that twins who are separated at birth are more alike than those who grow up in the same family? Astrology is only a framework. It is up to you as your own artist to paint on the canvas of your life the specifics that define you. My chart shows I am artistic. Other portions of my chart hint at the different ways that I might express that. I can draw, but don't draw often. I am musical, yet not musically inclined (I also had a brother who was a musical child prodigy). I write and have a background in Performing Arts. In my life experiences that made sense to me. If I had other experiences, I might have developed those talents differently.


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