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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your Zodiac Sign and Fitness

Your Sun Sign can help you maximize your goals towards fitness. It can show strengths and untapped potential. To get a complete, overall view of the best modes of fitness, have an astrologer look at your complete chart. All signs can benefit from swimming, general bicycle riding and low-impact aerobics. Below are some more specific tips for Sun Signs:

  • ARIES: jogging, hockey, football, endurance cycling & fencing
  • TAURUS: light jogging, tennis, open water swimming, sailing, windsurfing, cross country skiing, mountain climbing & belly dancing
  • GEMINI: roller skating, all types of skiing, yoga, martial arts, folk dance, ballet, jazz dance & belly dance
  • CANCER: windsurfing, sailing, walking, folk dance, volleyball, gardening
  • LEO: weight training, rowing machine, yoga, modern dance, jazz dance, folk dance, fencing, archery, soccer, football & hockey
  • VIRGO: all types of dance, karate, tai chi, resistance weight training & yoga
  • LIBRA: mountain biking, racquetball, tennis, ping pong, basketball, ballet & all team sports
  • SCORPIO: all types of skiing, water sports, weight training, running, soccer, ice hockey & competitive triathalon
  • SAGITTARIUS: jump rope, team sports, horseback riding, cross country skiing & hiking in the mountains
  • CAPRICORN: folk dance, hip hop, yoga, stretching, pilates, cross country skiing, team sports NO FOOTBALL & water sports
  • AQUARIUS: pilates, resistance exercise, spinning class, long distance running & triathalons
  • PISCES: hip hop, yoga, pilates, stretching, fencing, water sports, spinning class, water aerobics, rowing & team sports

    If you are currently fitness training, I would love to hear from you. What works best for you?


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