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Monday, December 18, 2006

An Astrological Evening - The Hidden Scorpio

My brother invited my SO and I to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. My experience, living in Portland, is that the Asian food here, on the whole, leaves a lot to be desired. I was spoiled living in San Francisco and London, where there is excellent Chinese. Even venturing into "China Town" leaves a lot to be desired. There are the odd hole in the wall Thai places here that are excellent, but Chinese food just doesn't seem on the Northwest menu.

The dinner was a celebration for my niece. She was celebrating her 20th birthday. A large group of my newly married into family were there. Great people. Fun. Good hearts. And the food was surprisingly good, depite being located in the outskirts of a large mall.

I had to smile to myself when my brother and his wife were trying to decide on which foofy drink to order. Someone had suggested the Scorpion (close to my heart for obvious reasons). The Scorpion drink had a big picture plastered along the bottom middle and offset by two other drink photos. The entire mixed drink menu was organized by name and photo. The photos were labeled with letters for easy reference.

"Where is the Scorpion?" My bother asked. "I can't find the Scorpion." He continued, "I can't see the Scorpion. I don't understand this. It's as if the Scorpion is hidden."

Scorpios get a bad wrap as being secretive and hidden. They aren't really. They just don't feel the need to tell you everything. It's not usually on purpose. It's only that us Scorpios didn't feel it was important enough to pass on. It's funny how my mind works sometimes. There are times when I get a huge chunk of information and soon forget it and never pass it on. Other times I pass on the trivial things. To most people this appears as being deceptive, or secretive.

There is an undercurrent of things hidden in the Scorpio energy. It stems from being severely intense and focused. It's all or nothing. Deep thoughts run throughout the day, but we are so used to dealing with them that they seem like nothing.

Scorpios also have a hard time acknowledging pain. Physical pain makes us suck it up and keep going. It's sign of weakness, and Scorpios can't abide by weakness. Emotional pain makes us broody, and perhaps a little vengeful. In the long run, we know that if we wait it out, karma will take care of its own, with or without our help. Scorpios believe this because we have seen it time and time again.

Often, others think Scorpios are incredibly strong, and this means that unless the Scorpio learns good communication (and worse, admitting to being vulnerable) they get looked over in times of crisis. By looked over, I mean emotionally. It's hard to guess what a huge flowing river needs.

It's easy to overlook the hidden. That's exactly why it is hidden! So keep searching the menu for the Scorpion and see how many of these energies you can pick out in your daily life.

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