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Friday, December 15, 2006

Astrology and the Void Moon - Personal Account

Last night I planned to return home and continue writing the mega post about my personal Astrological journey. I love it when the universe throws a cog into plans! Just as a side note, the post was put up at 2:40am on 12/13. I started that post when the moon was Void-of-Course and finished it during the Void as well. It wasn't posted until 40 minutes later. At the end of that post, I promised to continue with the second leg. Well, true to form, NEVER PROMISE ANYTHING WHEN THE MOON IS VOID OF COURSE!

I think I told you that I often ignore the Void Moon times until something goes screwy. Then I will check back. The reason I do this from time to time is to make sure that my perceptions are accurate. It also makes for some fun times slapping my forehead with my palm.

My day started off with warnings of a Wind Storm, estimating winds in the Portland area up to 100 miles an hour. It was touted as the worst wind storm in 10 years. My entire schedule was thrown to the wind (pun intended) due to various unexpected issues, such as a windshield wiper bending at a 90 degree angle on the freeway in the wind blasts. This needed the motor of the wiper immediately replaced. Of course, it was the driver side wiper.

I got calls from every person who I ever had a small interaction with, and this depleted my cell phone battery much faster than usual. I was able to plug it in for 5 minutes at a time while at work since it continually rang off the hook.

Work itself was great and productive. I decided to change my plan and go with the flow, and this always seems to work with a void moon decision gone awry.

However, as I left, the power was out on the island where I live. Not only was the power out, but none of the flashlights we had have worked very well. Those that do, seem to disappear into the deep recesses of gnome land and are never seen again. I expect to find them one day, along with ever single sock ever lost from the wash. A quick trip to Target was in order. Thankfully Target was the only place on the island that has the foresight to have a back up generator.

The power was out. My phone by now barely had a trickle of a charge. There was no way I could complete the post promised the day before.

This is a real life example of the little quirks that happen when you plan things on a Void Moon. The best remedy once done? Just change your plans and go with the flow.

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