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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Astrology Signs and Insurance Rates - Accidents and Tickets

Years ago I read that the auto insurance companies were doing a study into the driving habits of various Astrological signs. I have no doubt that Astrology in general effects driving habits. Lee Romanov, from, has completed such a study over a 6 year period. From this study, she has written a book called Car Carma, which details the results.

For years, the insurance industry has claimed such ridiculous things as credit score in determining who a good driver is, or where you live. In my own experience, I had a 2 door 4 cylinder gutless wonder of a car and was told my rate went up because all two doors were now considered sports cars. In an experiment, I changed to the same year, 6 cylinder four door with tons of power, and it went up because it was a 6 cylinder and considered to be a sports car. If you have an older car that costs less to replace, they charge more because apparently they feel it will have more damage. Yet, if you own a vehicle with super high safety rating, such as a Saab or Volvo, you pay more for a luxury vehicle. It seems you just can't win.

The insurance industry should charge your insurance rate based on tickets, accidents and claims. For example, I know of people who have hit hard times and have appalling credit, but have not had a ticket or accident in 20 years. Yet, they are being charged more than someone with a higher credit score with tickets and accidents.

Anything to make a buck. This study, however, is pretty interesting as far as only using Sun Signs goes. It would be interesting to do a cross study to see which of these signs also have poor vs good credit scores.

I am a Scorpio with no tickets since 1993 (scored #7 for tickets). I have never had an accident that was my fault (#2 for accidents). Now the key is "that were my fault". I have been in 2 major accidents as a passenger and last year was rear ended by someone who now I am convinced was a Libra!

Tickets & The Driver's Sign

Here are the Astrological Signs that had the most influence over drivers, causing them to have the greatest number of tickets, from worst to best.

1. Pisces – Worst
2. Aries
3. Aquarius
4. Capricorn
5. Libra
6. Taurus
7. Scorpio
8. Leo
9. Cancer
10. Virgo
11. Sagittarius
12. Gemini – Best

Accidents & The Driver's Sign

Here are the Astrological Signs that had the most influence over drivers, causing them to have the greatest number of accidents, from worst to best.

1. Libra – Worst
2. Scorpio
3. Capricorn
4. Aries
5. Aquarius
6. Sagittarius
7. Pisces
8. Taurus
9. Virgo
10. Gemini
11. Cancer
12. Leo – Best

To read the full article and order Car Carma, visit

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At 4:16 PM, Blogger Barbara Palliser said...

I'm a Gemini, driving off and on for 20 years. Never had a ticket, and only one accident that wasn't my fault - it was last week actually, a community police officer reversed into me while I was parked!! How's that for a Saturn retrograde manifestation! Saturn is squaring my Neptune at the moment, and the officer said he just didn't see me :-)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and yes, I'd love you to link to my site! I'll reciprocate; you have a great blog here, and I'm looking forward to your future posts.

Best wishes

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...


Thanks for that Ah-Ha Astrological moment! It is great when you get those every day reminders of how literal astrology is!

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous insurance quotes said...

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