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Friday, December 15, 2006

Astrology, the Weather and Meteorology - Astrometeorology

In my last post, I told you about the wind storms here. Oddly, I am sure that the Pacific Northwest Meteorologists play twister to decide which way they call the weather. A few years ago, we had a very bad snow blizzard. As I was looking out the window watching the blizzard in full force, a weatherman less than 3 miles away claimed it stopped snowing and was warm and sunny. Guess it was too much to peek out his window.

Anyway, no major damage for the windstorm, but they warn of it continuing through Monday. Or maybe snow. Or maybe just rain... No wait... Maybe... Well, let's just see!

There is a man named Theodore White. Theo is an Astrometeorologist. He tracks weather and storm patters past the normal 5-10 day period and has much better accuracy than our own Meteorologists here in the Pacific Northwest. (He is at 85%, they are somewhere around 50%).

Theo uses classical scientific astrology and a branch off of that includes meteorology. This same method was used for The Old Farmer's Almanac over 200 years ago.

This is what he says about wind storms: "** Wind Storms > Transits indicate to me that this is the winter of powerful winds. Gusty winds nationwide in late autumn, and most of winter is a serious concern of mine for the entire country. Expect sometimes very gusty, sustained windy conditions in December, January & February ~ especially in the Midwest, Heartland, the Northeast & Atlantic corridor, Pacific Northwest, Inter-Mountain West, Upper & Central Plains, and Colorado Rockies. Indeed, for most of the country this winter. Even California & the Southwest will not be immune to the very windy conditions. It is advised for nearly all Americans to prepare for & guard against sometimes powerful, gusty winds. Take in outdoor objects that can serve as flying debris, and prepare in advance for potential power outages due to the windstorms of autumn & winter.** "

Visit Theo at Weather Matrix.

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