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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Charismatic Barack Obama

When I first saw the musical "Les Miserables", I was an extension student in England. Our group was honored to clutter up the very last row of the nose bleed section in London's Palace Theatre. Most of the other students were Political Science Majors, still very idealistic about changing the world. There was one girl in particular who was very quiet, reserved and the type who always thought twice and spoke in a precise manner. The song, "Do You Hear the People Sing?" started. It spoke of the passion of a group of young revolutionaries who dreamed of creating a wave of support by standing up to the inequities in France. At the end of the song, they ask, "Who will be strong and stand with me?" This mousy girl stood up and screamed a passionate, "Yes! Yes! YES!" When asked what brought her out of her shell, she said, "I just couldn't help myself."

This is the same eruption of passion that the young politician, Barack Obama, seems to instill in those who have the ears to listen to him speak. There is always some darling politician of the moment who gets praised for one thing or another. They fade in and out like dental floss. I heard a speech Barack Obama made on a radio program, and the words he painted, his conviction, his fairness and passion make me want to stand and scream, "Yes! Yes! YES!" I had never heard of him before that speech. He is, if nothing else, a fine orator and inspirer of other people.

A few days later I heard a story of a woman who worked for an organization. She was invited to have an audience with President Bush. They were speaking and the Pres glanced her button in support of Barack Obama. He stated his dismay at her support of such a controversial figure. President Bush misread her button to read, "Osama". It could be that this up and comer may well yet become George W's nemesis.

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At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Robert C. said...

One wonders how many times GWB has done that.... maybe he gets Iran and Iraq muddled - after all it's only a q and an n that separates them.

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