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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Earn a Degree in Astrology - AA, BA, MA

A hop, skip and jump away from glorious Seattle, Washington sits a unique place of learning known as Kepler College. Named after Johannes Kepler, born in 1571, one of the greatest astronomical minds in human history. It is only fitting that this unique place of higher learning should be named after him, being a forerunner in its own right. Kepler College is a Liberal Arts college, and the only place in the United States that a person can earn an actual degree in Astrology. That's right, they offer AA, BA and MA programs! It won't be walk in the park, however. If you want this degree, you are going to have to do some serious learning. The study curriculum is very intense covering psychology, world history, comparative religion, astronomy, science, mathematics, literature, anthropology, philosophy, classical languages, economics and more.

The faculty of Kepler College is equally as impressive, with many well known and highly respected astrologers and authors including Nicholas Campion, Dr. J. Lee Lehman, Karen Hamaker-Zondag and Robert Hand. Mr. Hand has written many books that any serious astrology student is familiar with, including Planets in Transit and Planets in Composite.

This is what Kepler College says about its BA program: " Kepler College has been authorized by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board to issue Bachelor of Arts degrees in Astrological Studies. The entire degree program takes four years to complete (each year consists of three 15-credit terms). As students earn their BA, they will take a journey that begins in the ancient past, exploring the history, uses, philosophy and practice of astrology from ancient times to modern day to see how astrology influenced the development of modern civilization. Students will learn about the controversies and arguments that surround the field, discover their own answers and may even elect to take part in current astrological research studies. In their third and fourth year, students will be expected to select a particular field of study in which to concentrate their studies and which will be the focus of their final project."

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