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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Free Astrology Software - Configuration Hunter

Configuration Hunter is an awesome and powerful tool for any Astrologer. It works on Windows machines only (can we pray for a Mac version soon?). This goody was created by Romanian Astrologer, Dan Ciubotaru, who now lives in Bucharest. Dan also runs a great blog Living Astrology.

His creation is so jam packed with features that I won't cover them all here. Below is a quick blurb from the website:

"About Configuration Hunter Software

"Configuration Hunter is a free astrology software and it was designed to help you in your astrological activities and it was built on the Swiss Ephemeris ( It is not created to replace any other astrology software that you are working with but to extend their existing functionalities.

"The primary goal of this application is to offer you the ability to search for aspects and configurations within a chart or a series of charts and to display the results in a simple and analytical manner. It has no fancy graphics , only pure information."

Download it from Dan's website and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts to produce such a vast piece of freeware!

  • About Configuration Hunter

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    At 9:25 AM, Blogger Rashid Malik said...

    I am about to try your recommended software. Thanks for sharing.

    At 7:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

    He closed the software :((( can't get was a great tool indeed !


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