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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Manifestation of Taurus with Money

I lived in a flat in London with 3 other people. It's the anchovie in the tin experience that many people living in big expensive cities go through. Considered a trade off to being in the environment of culture and all the ammenities a big city has to offer.

There were two Scorpios, a Pisces and a Taurus. Needless to say, the Taurus was even more focused on money, trying to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground with all this water ebbing and flowing. One of the Scorpios was later replaced by a Cancer, so the water in her living situation didn't get much better with time.

The flat itself was a previous mansion flat. That, in London terms, means that once it was super huge, but has since been sectioned off. For us it meant that the previous quarters where the hired help stayed was now seperated by a wall, to make two, three or four different smaller flats out of one large flat. There was a large living room, a large bedroom and a tiny broom closet of a bedroom. Originally, the two in the living room (I was one of the two) paid the same as the one in the larger room. We were supposed to rotate into the room, so it would be fair and equitable for all. This never happend and the Taurus always had reasons why she should not leave "her" room.

This meant that I shared the family room with someone else. Since it was also used as everyone's living room during the day, there was little to no privacy. Luckily, my roomie and I got along well and our schedules were pretty compatible. We lived close in, and this was the trade off.

One day the Taurus called a "flat meeting". She felt that everyone else should take on more burdon of the rent (although she had a large room to herself). She flips out some calculations of how much she thinks everyone should pay. I take out a piece of paper and add it up. She is making all this fuss over 50 pence, which at that time was around a dollar. No, not 50 pence per week, or month. 50 pence PER YEAR. That is what all this squabbling was about!

We were all busy people and I could not believe that all this hooplah was for something so petty. In my best benevolent Scorpio way (wink), mostly to get my point across, I pull a one pound coin out of my pocket and tossed it to her. She picked it up and looked puzzled. "What's this for?" she asked.

"That's my payment for the next two years in advance."

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