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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein Hangs - Learn His Secrets

A very public death for a man who lived a very public life. No matter what people may think about his atrocities or his politics, do we really ever wish to become that which we proclaim to be against? This photo I chose is a snap off of YouTube. It smacks oddly of exactly those "kidnap" videos we abhor. Enough people want to see it, though, because it has become a Viral Video.

  • Saddam Hussein Astrology Chart

  • Washington Post:For Saddam's Page in History, A Final Link On YouTube

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    At 8:33 PM, Blogger Shell said...

    This so bothers me, I hate what are nation has become sometimes I am so ashamed to call this my home. Again thank you for all the aswome blogs I love how you talk cover everything.

    At 11:20 AM, Blogger Twilight said...

    I agree, VB - the death penalty (by whatever method) is barbaric and stoops to the same level as the criminal in question. That people wish to see and gloat over what went on makes it even worse.
    Ann (Twilight)

    At 12:06 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...

    I agree with both of you. Really, the lesson is: if the CIA offers you a country and supplies you with weapons, at some point you will get stabbed in the back. Choose your allies wisely. Sadly, many there think he was terrible, but they never had to flee their homes in such great numbers. This type of behavior can martyr a monster.

    At 6:52 AM, Anonymous jamie said...

    Hi, Velvet! I found your blog through ElsaElsa and am sooooooo glad that you brought this up.
    I am sickened by this image, also, and find it extremely disturbing that people would want to "gloat" over this event.(Thanks, twilight, for the terminology.)
    Anytime we use negative terminology to describe someone we inadvertantly? raise ourselves above them.

    While Saddaam was no saint neither were the intentions of our country when we supplied him with weapons of "mass destruction" during the Iran/Iraq War. (I believe we supplied him with Mustard Gas.)
    I've always heard that when you point a finger at someone else "there are 3 more pointing back at you".

    I just do not see how Saddam is/was worse than our current leader(?) who has sent over 3,000 Americans to their death and killed over 100,000 Iraqi citizens in the guise of "freedom"?! Laughable!

    I deplore this image, any image, that exploits the last minutes of a soul's life. It is indecent, immoral and impedes our progress into a more loving and tolerant global community. Every person, deemed "bad/evil" had a mother, a father, family and friends who loved this person in spite of their obvious transgressions.
    I cannot imagine others gaining pleasure from the public execution of my loved one (whether they 'deserved' it or not), and, believe that this could only lead to my hatred of humanity.

    When will this end? When will we begin to put others before ourselves? When will we open our eyes to the reality that we ARE what we so love to hate?
    THINK! What if this were your father? Would you want to view his last moments on earth? For me it is an unequivocal, emphatic NO!!!

    I am with you on this subject, Velvet, and am glad to see someone who has the integrity to bring this to our attention.

    At 12:57 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...


    I agree with you! Just remember that your individual journey makes a difference, and you are where you personally need to be on your journey. The state of things in the world sometimes makes me want to run for office. I think I would have a hard time keeping my diplomacy, though!


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