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Friday, January 26, 2007

Lacking Astrological Fire

I recently did a post on lacking things in your Astrological chart and how they manifest. In a nutshell, we attract from the outside world and people around us, those things that we lack in ourselves.

I got to pondering my post earlier about Malachi Ritscher and his self immolation. Self immolation is the act of suicide by fire, usually as a protest. Mr. Ritscher was the fourth person in the last 40 years to choose this type of death in the United States.

After looking on the Internet, I came upon his birth details. Malachi was born Mark David Ritscher in Dickinson, ND on January 13, 1954. For those who have trouble getting the right town on a computerized atlas, I used 46N87, 102W77 (MST).

I was looking at his chart specifically to see how he was affected by Astrological fire. The only item he has in fire is the generational Pluto in Leo. In this case, if it wasn't a generational planet, it would be easy to say Pluto (death/rebirth and transformation) in public display of fire (Leo). That would mean that the entire generation was burning themselves up. Let's look a little closer. Remember if something is true in an Astrological chart, it will be repeated many times.

The most striking item in Malachi's chart is a Yod, also known as the Finger of Fate. It "points" to a personal destiny. His Yod consists of Jupiter (expansion) in Gemini (intellectual) and Pluto in Leo (see above). These are pointing directly to Malachi's Sun in Capricorn, which is on his MidHeaven. The Sun embodies the whole person and ego. The MidHeaven is what you strive to attain. In this case, Malachi's Sun is a close conjunction with Mercury. His Fate is to communicate his inner self with steadfastness and purpose on a large scale (Jupiter), forever changing people through upheaval (Pluto).

Astrology also shows us the Malachi was a person who is not easily swayed by others and does not make decisions "on the fly". I can not imagine having such a high concentration of purpose as to light yourself on fire and sit there. I myself would have run like a pansy for the nearest "stop drop and roll" location, and I have pretty good self control. His own purposefulness goes so beyond most people's and it is repeated again and again in his chart.

To stress the fatefulness of his decision, the North Node is also tightly conjunct his Sun in Capricorn. The North Node is a karmic marker. In Capricorn, it indicates the specific point through which someone completed their karmic mission. Since I have no birth time, I can't interpret the Houses. A Capricorn North Node often indicates a prior life in which addiction was a key point, used for escapism. It's hard when everything is colored through rose colored lenses. In this life, Malachi attended AA and had been clean and sober for 16 years, so some of those struggles carried over.

Often, this also indicates a personalization of the sense of Government and Country, as well as a strong inner sense of patriotism. Some fundamental belief is held onto that is bigger than the self.

There is a certain element of being stuck in immaturity for most of life. Even though he would openly admit his age, he most likely tried very hard not to live his age. Then, one day, a Capricorn North Node would simply put their foot down, stand up for a higher purpose, and say "enough is enough".

There could have been thousands of ways that Malachi's chart could have played out. We always have choices. However, what is certain is he felt fated to choose this protest, to choose his death and the pull was incredibly strong. What made him choose fire? We know he lacks it in his chart, and often those who lack fire become enamoured by it. The other answer could be in his overall personality. A lack of Astrological fire also helped him become a High Voltage Electrician.

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The Flame of Fire

Twilight hit it on the head in her recent posts about the state of the Executive Branch. She turned me onto a speech made by Al Gore that seems to have slipped the media radar... I am sure it was an innocent mistake... One of the beautiful things that I find about the blogosphere is that very little actually slips past the radar. It just isn't as accessible to the majority of Americans, or the world. Blogging isn't new, and it is getting to be a hotter form of communication every day, but still most Internet surfers have no clue what a blog is, or what it does.

A blog is a website, yes. It's an online journal, yes. It's a community, yes. Wikipedia says: A blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. It is all these things, and yet so much more. It is uncensored ramblings of whatever the blogger wants to say. Usually there is a theme. But often there is an element of free association. A blog isn't powered by advertisers, although a blogger may generate a great, or mostly meager, income from advertisements. A blog is powered by content. And that content doesn't have to coddle to anyone, except the blogger's conscience.

This post has no tie in at the end to Astrology. I try to keep my own opinions to a minimum and show other people's views, rather than use this blog to further my own chart sales, services or agendas. However, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, people in this country are alarmed, concerned and anxious. Truth be told we should be... About a lot of things.

We work longer hours and earn proportionately less than our past counterparts. Divorce is higher than ever. People who have two income households file bankruptcy over health problems despite having health insurance. We have an all time high debt ratio, even those who have "good credit". Workers are considered "human resources" and not the backbone of an organization. Fewer people can afford to purchase homes than ever before. Due to dubious lending practices, foreclosure and repossession is at an all time high. If you are a millionaire, you can file bankruptcy and not pay off one US debtor, but you can't do this if you a "common person" in need. One could nit pick at any number of things, but to me the most alarming trend is the fear of the media to cover anything substantial in nature.

We rely on the nightly news, newspapers and magazines to keep us impartially informed. Through knowledge comes power. Yet, the mainstream media is owned by a handful of giants, kicking to curb the David media taking on the Goliath stories. Good reporters and investigators can't get their stories printed.

Instead of covering a scathing speech by Al Gore, accusing George W Bush of breaking the law, all major networks and cable news stations covered an overturned tanker truck in New York.

A simple man, Malachi Ritscher, lights himself on fire near a intersection to protest against the policies in this war. He is one of a handful of incidents of this type of protest in the history of the United States. He gets no media mention.

Below is a snippet of the Gore speech, with a link to the text. Further down is a short documentary about Malachi Ritscher. There are many types of fire and fire is used to burn as well as to illuminate. I ask you: What's going on?

"I call upon Democratic and Republican members of Congress today to uphold your oath of office and defend the Constitution. Stop going along to get along. Start acting like the independent and co-equal branch of American government you are supposed to be under the Constitution of our country. But there is yet another Constitutional player whose pulse must also be taken and whose role must be examined in order to understand the dangerous imbalance that has accompanied these efforts by the Executive branch to dominate our constitutional system."
Al Gore's Martin Luther King Day Address

Description of "Flame of the Millennium"
MAN LIGHTS HIMSELF ON FIRE AS A PROTEST AGAINST THE WAR. THE MEDIA YAWNS. Malachi Ritscher wanted to draw attention to himself as a symbol of the horrors that are being committed in our name. The media, particularly TV, has been very quiet about it. His statement can be found at his website

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hard Drive Fix and Jupiter

I recently bartered on Craigslist for a dead iPod. I was hoping it did not face the same death as the other two iPods I hoped at one point to cobble together. I lucked out. This one had a fully functional harddrive, which is the part I needed to work. While searching the net for fixes and tips, I came across something I read about before.

It works with computer harddrives, laptop harddrives, and apparently iPod harddrives. Because they are so small, iPod harddrives have a habit of getting 'stuck', which shows up as an issue on the iPod's screen and you can't access any of your music or files. One suggestion was to put your harddrive into a freezer ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. After a few hours, you take it out and put it over a heat vent. (This also works with some batteries like the old Powerbook PRAM batteries, by the way.)

The idea is through contraction and expansion, the portion of the harddrive that was stuck loosens itself back into the correct place. My AstroBrain started wandering to Jupiter. Obviously, expansion is a Jupiter trait. Technology would be Uranus. Contraction would be Saturn. But how did all these items fit in with fixing a harddrive?

Once upon a time, a man named Reynold Johnson invented a test scoring machine to count those little boxes that we filled in with pencil. IBM thought this was a great idea, and hired him as an engineer. Remember the punch cards for computers? The ones that as you carried them across a room to the computer, and you tripped, would go flying across the floor? The ones you then had to try to sort by hand all over again, and after several long, grueling hours, you perhaps had written a half way decent tic tac toe program. Well, you can thank Mr. Johnson. You can also thank him for your iPod, your TiVo, your computer, your laptop and any number of other devices that use a harddrive.

In 1952, Reynold Johnson was moved to San Jose, California by IBM. My father also worked for IBM in San Jose in the 70's and 80's, on harddrives. On September 13, 1956, the world's first disk drive was unveiled. The first photo is only of the harddrive mechanism, the second shows how the disk drives were housed - you can see two of them in the forefront. The IBM350 RAMAC has eventually evolved to be a little smaller than a credit card in 50 years.

All the Jupiter aspects in the harddrive's chart are wide, so it sits virtually unaspected. Jupiter Square Uranus. Jupiter Opposite Mars. Jupiter Trine Moon. Jupiter Conjunct Sun. By wide, I mean they are far enough away for some Astrologers to count them, and others to discount them.

Scorpio Ascendant: Our little harddrive can be hard to understand, but yet remains on the cutting edge.

Virgo Sun: Detail oriented, practical and analytical are all great qualities for a harddrive! But remember all those Intel dolls in bunny clean suits? That's taking the need for cleanliness a bit literally.

Moon in Capricorn: Again with the practical, and we all know that harddrives have created many a millionaire (2nd House).

Mercury in Libra: This one stumped me for a moment. It normally would mean diplomacy in communication. Then I thought out of the inelegant Microsoft box, and remembered the cute sad Mac. Not that I have seen one ;) It's a cute, diplomatic icon, and much more impressive than the blue screen of death.

Venus in Leo: This one stumped me too. The only thing I can think of is when my harddrive on my PC dies, it just simply does so because it no longer respects me.

Mars in Pices: Working behind the scenes, we rarely think about our harddrives, do we? They do need rest from all the spinning they do in order to live long, happy harddisk lives.

Jupiter in Virgo: Taking on all those tasks that we no longer want to do, a harddrive is useful, practical and resourceful, taking on the responsibilities of multibillion dollar financial institutes and countries. It seems, the whole world is wired in one way or another.

Saturn in Scorpio: Normally this would read as very restricted and restrained, but it can also mean paying close attention to detail. Almost obsessively so. What would you call a person who only communicates in 0's and 1's? It's BINARY BABY!

Generational planets are those that move so slowly, you find entire generations under their influence.

Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo: Self expression and reinventing traditions, everything is re-examined and evaluated. Deeply experimental and reaching out to new ways of doing things marks this entire generation.

One striking thing about this chart is that is shows a need for public community. Usually communities are seen as small groups, but this one smacks of a much larger community. Ask yourself: Would you be as connected today without the creation of harddrives? Very few inventions can say the same. Even the internet has a harddrive backbone (at a basic level).

If you have any insight, I would love to hear it! Below chart from AstroLabe.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weather and Astrology - A Comet Comes to Dinner

This morning I woke up early. Not by choice, but because the codeine cough syrup I have been taking gives me those short, light and rather odd dreams usually associated with fever.

While I was up, I decided I would start tackling the days work. I spoke with someone in Austin, Texas, and the conversation quickly turned to freak weather. Austin has been sheeted in ice for several days, which has wreaked havoc on the day to day commerce there. What's a little ice, say you who live where ice is common? A lot when in 8 years, my peer from across the telecom lines has seen it only once or twice.

I had to open my mouth and make the comment that last night the Portland weather people were saying to "expect snow by 5am". It was 6:30 and yet no snow was in sight. I often make the comment that if I were wrong as much as the weather people out here, I would be out of a job. Within 10 minutes, the snow started to fall. Oh me, of little faith! It fell for most of the day, leaving a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. This is unusual, as in the Portland area, we get powder and then freezing rain, which ruins the whole beauty and makes traveling something akin to riding on a rickety roller coaster with no safety device.

I had to take a picture of the blanket of snow this morning via my cell phone to send to my counterpart in Austin. This was snapped just prior to my Shiba Inu deciding to go for an off leash impromptu mile long run along the Columbia River. Shiba Inu means, "small dog" in Japanese. They have a saying: "It is a lucky man who can catch a Shiba Inu." I guess today Jupiter was with me. I finally caught the rascal.

So, when I stumbled on Twilight's post from the blog, Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, I had a "hmmmm..." moment. She ponders the freak weather across the US and the arrival of the comet McNaught. Weather, Comets and Astrology is well thought out, and makes a great argument. Do I detect a little bit of an Astrological researcher coming out?

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Monday, January 15, 2007 Embroiled in Legal Battle

A stones throw away from Portland, Oregon rest the corporate offices of online Astrology giant, I have been to their offices. I applied for a position there... twice. I believe that all things have reasons for not working out. Shortly after the second time I applied, when my resume sent as an Adobe Acrobat file (universal, right?) but mysteriously could not be opened until "after" the position had been filled, I spoke with a highly respected Astrologer friend of mine. Here is where the synchronicity begins.

He had just returned from a trip to do an Astrology show and while there, met with a friend of his, Kelli Fox, also a noted Astrologer. I happen to mention to him that was here in my neck of the woods, and he mentioned his visit and how he learned that she was unhappy with the direction was going and the misuse of her moniker and likeness on the site.

This got me to thinking about the ins and outs of finding a good company to work for that practices what it preaches, instead of being in it to exploit their bottom line. When I visited their offices, the employees seemed happy, as far as I could tell. That's usually a good sign, right? But what happens when a company provides content, yet has no control over how that is incorporated into a monolith such as iVillage?

Personally, I don't care for what the site has become. I don't refer to it's articles because it is generally intended only to sell Kepler Astrology Horoscopes. This is the same program I have running on my computer, so there is no new information from their readings. I commend Astrologers who can make a living from doing what they love. I think it's great and an excellent way to get information out there for everyone. However, this has become an animal of a different stripe. How many NBC Universal executives truly are passionate about Astrology and not just how much money a site can provide them?

Then on January 2nd, I received an email from AOL Horoscopes. I wondered if the email meant that I had arrived, or slipped? Apparently, other Astrology Bloggers received the same, as I noted that one reprinted the article they requested to be posted and mentioned a similar email. The email said (link removed at the bottom - they can get their own traffic):

Velvet Blade,

I just read your post on the best and worst of 2006. Very comprehensive. I'm with AOL Horoscopes and we just did a 2007 astrology forecast. This focuses on life and love prospects by sign for the new year. I thought this would be interesting to you and viewers.

I'd also like to send you other stories we do. We usually do topical stories, particularly pop-culture/celebrity/current-event type stories and connect them with the then-astrological climate.

Hope you can use the 2007 outlook.

Wow! AOL took notice of little old me? Or did they get my blog, Astrology Talk located on BlogSpot confused with a different site called Never mind, I am sure it was an honest mistake. I emailed back telling the sender to certainly send info to me, but that I would only post those items I felt would do justice to my readers. There was no, "Hey we like your blog! We'll link to you because we like your content." Which is the professional standard of etiquette in the web world. It appeared they just wanted exposure (as if AOL doesn't get enough) without any real commitment or conviction. Apparently they have had no more noteworthy articles to pimp as I have not received any more emails.

I wondered why that article was chosed. The Best and Worst of 2006 actually pointed to AstroFutureTrends for the article and did not contain much original content. If anything, AstroFutureTrends should have gotten the kudos.

I clicked the link in the AOL email, and it took me to an article written by Jeff Jawer, or StarIQ fame. I like Jeff and his writing most of the time. Underneath it stated, "Powered by". and is one and the same. That is one of my main quirks about the site itself. I am a firm believer that if you get your hands in too many "specialty" pies, you don't do justice to any one discipline.

On January 8th, CNet wrote an article, A star-crossed tale of Internet astrology. It covered the history of the Kelli Fox and saga. David and Kelli Fox started and soon had a hit on their hands. They were bought out, and then their buyers out were bought out. Yet, this $5 million revenue generator still used Kelli Fox in name and image to promote their site, despite their agreement to limit such use.

But at the heart of the issue is money. brought in $1.3 million for iVillage in the quarter that ended March 31, 2006 (before iVillage was acquired), about 6 percent of the company's overall revenue at the time, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That revenue--which counts the sale of charts, advertising and licensing fees--grew by 17 percent over the same period a year earlier. Industry watchers say it's safe to assume that now has an annual revenue of $5 million.

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Is there a Scorpion in the House?

I haven't seen anyone write about all the Scorpio influences hitting recently and their reflection in movies that came out at the same time. In the past few weeks I have seen Descent, The Cavern and The Cave. All three are about caves and hidden things lurking inside. The best one, in my opinion, is The Cave. It had a better script and better acting than the others. Instead of creating a "spooky cave atmosphere" by filming most of the scenes in virtual darkness, The Cave had more illumination. This fact alone made it much more thrilling and exciting. It is also the one that traveled the deepest into the Underworld, following a team of cave divers. It also likened "what lurked below" to humans in a way that the others missed out on. It shows the Scorpio nature in all of us.

As an aside, The Cave was the hardest for me to find in the video store, although I checked often. I finally found it after I saw the other two, hidden behind a bunch of long out DVD titles. Hmmm...

Recently everything that I see or read reminds me of Scorpionic influences, but I haven't quite gotten around to putting those impressions down on the keypad. That is, until I uncovered so many news articles about spying, all the not-so-hidden government schlock and rediscovered an old article. The old article seems to be in a newer, more alarming light today than it was when it was written.

Onto a very bad segue:

What do the NSA and the Microsoft Operating System have in common? Strong Scorpio influences, of course!

The NSA, National Security Agency, deals in all sorts of hidden information, discovery of hidden information and hiding information. On the government homepage for the NSA, their two focuses are "Information Assurance" and "Signals Intelligence". These are separated into two portions, each of which has it's own link. "Signals Intelligence" deals with gathering and deciphering. I am still not completely clear on what "Information Assurance" really does. It seems to allude to encrypting and coding information, but some of the other verbage lends one to think there is more to it...

The NSA Mission Statement: The ability to understand the secret communications of our foreign adversaries while protecting our own communications -- a capability in which the United States leads the world -- gives our nation a unique advantage. Considering that the current government has enacted open ended "laws" that allow agencies to violate our privacy with no warrant or court order, or even evidence, this statement now takes on new light. Apparently this now includes regular snail mail.

Everyone has heard of Microsoft, the monolithic operating system called Windows runs on most of your computers. It is run by a very shrewed and wealthy man named Bill Gates. He scares me, but only a little because I personally prefer a Mac... Bill's Sun (square first house Uranus), Venus and Saturn are all in Scorpio, hovering near his IC.

Some of you may know that he started off his life with the Steve's of Apple fame. He bowed out and they went on to develop an icon based home personal computer. A little while later, Windows 3.1, looking eerily similar, popped up out of the woodwork of text based DOS.

Would you be surprised to find that there is a hidden key (and now two) inside every Windows box from early Windows95 on up that bears the moniker of "NSA". Not only can it limit the encryption that someone can put on files, it also can run selected NSA programs. What they do, and why, no one knows.

Windows machines now keep many of these types of files on a chipset, instead of in software, which makes this type of privacy violation undetectable. So do you think in today's atmosphere that you are any more safe on a MS machine? This article was from 1999, and the trapdoor and loopholes from the NSA are still there (as far as anyone can tell).


According to Fernandez of Cryptonym, the result of having the secret key inside your Windows operating system "is that it is tremendously easier for the NSA to load unauthorized security services on all copies of Microsoft Windows, and once these security services are loaded, they can effectively compromise your entire operating system"...

According to one leading US cryptographer, the IT world should be thankful that the subversion of Windows by NSA has come to light before the arrival of CPUs that handles encrypted instruction sets. These would make the type of discoveries made this month impossible. "Had the next-generation CPU's with encrypted instruction sets already been deployed, we would have never found out about NSAKEY."

Full article

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thanks Stars Over Washington!

One of the Astrology Blogs that I respect the most is Stars Over Washington, written by Jude Cowell. This blog tackles all the convoluted Washington politics and lays it out through the eyes of Astrology.

I am very proud to have been mentioned in that blog! To me, it's about more than street cred.

"NEW BLOG UPDATE: Looking for some new Astrology/Political blogs to read?

You can't go wrong with Astrology Talk which is a well-organized blog written for non-astrologers and astrologers alike"

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Wish Upon the Moon

Eleanor McEvoy is one of my favorite singers. When I heard about the Planetary Society sending wishes to the Moon, of course I thought of her song Whisper a Prayer to the Moon. I won't quote all of it, but here are some short snipets:

"My darling,my darling
So crazy,so charming
Its just that it happened too soon
But I send you my wishes
My hugs and my kisses
And whisper a prayer to the moon...

"My sweet tempered angel
I wish I were able
To heal all the hurt with a tune
And if I had the powers
I would give you the stars
The sun and the light of the moon..."

The Planetary Society does it again. First, send your name to Mars, and now, send a wish to the moon with Selene!

People around the world are encouraged to send names alone or in combination with a message.

  • Messages from Earth: "Wish Upon The Moon" with SELENE
  • Lyric Freak

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  • Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Smoking and Astrology

    Okay, okay, I admit it. I am a smoker. I sit before the keyboard today and tell my dirty little secret. I smoke. I try to make it okay by explaining that cigarettes such as Marlboros and Camels have over 255 chemicals that make them burn faster (so you smoke more) and are very unhealthy. BUT, I, the elevated and enlightened, smoke "all natural" cigarettes. I even go one step further and wow them with my knowledge that some brands of "all natural" cigarettes don't put chemicals in the tobacco, but that doesn't mean they don't put them in the paper... to make them burn faster. They burn faster so that you smoke more. I point out that I can smoke one cigarette to every two or three of other brands. Three if the smoker inhales generic brands... Yes... They have even more chemicals in them, which my cynical mind feels is a way of killing poor people faster.

    I started smoking later in life and at first really watched how much I smoked. Maybe only 2 or 3 in a usual day. If I went over that, I cut back the following few days. Then, it happened. I moved into a house with a chain smoker. It was their house, so I couldn't insist that windows be open and heads thrust outside. That visual cue, cups of coffee and stimulating conversation around the kitchen table, did me in. I still don't smoke a whole pack a day, but it's much more than I ever intended when, I the Non-Smoker, became me, the Smoker.

    I have tried to quit, more for others than myself, so the attempt was never full throttle with all my will power behind it. I poo poo people's warnings, although I have seen the health hazards for myself. I use many come backs, not because I feel others are wrong, but because I rebel when people impose their thoughts and opinions to evangelize others into their way of thinking. It doesn't even matter if I agree with their opinion. I always find myself playing the devil's advocate for the other end of an opinion, just to try and spark a little bit of free thought.

    My doctor once asked me if I had a list of symptoms, usually associated with smoking. I had none of them. He told me that less than 30 seconds after finishing a cigarette, your blood pressure skyrockets. I challenged him to prove it would be the same with me. He took my blood pressure and marked it down on a note pad. I explained I usually did not smoke an entire cigarette at one time, but for this I would make a point of it. I went outside and dragged down a whole cigarette. I went back into his office and he took my blood pressure. It was in the same range, but a little lower than before. He waited a few minutes, then took it again. It was still in the same range, but a little lower. What could he say then? I agreed to have him explain the patch to me, but when I looked at the content of the lowest patch and compared it to what I took in each day, I found that the patch had 5 times more nicotine in it than I took in smoking. They have gotten better since then, but ever since a friend of mine chain chewed Nicorette gum and ended up in the hospital, I just don't feel that substituting one application of a chemical with a different application of the same chemical is all that it's cracked up to be. I am sure that the pharmaceutical companies who make millions of dollars off the backs of those who feel otherwise would disagree with me. How many Stop Smoking campaigns are financed by the corporations who profit off of the act of quitting? If it were that easy, wouldn't we be giving heroine addicts heroine, instead of methadone? They say that quitting smoking is harder than kicking heroine.

    Here are some of my favorite justifications:

    > Native Americans used tobacco to clear up bronchitis and tight chests.

    > People who get sick from smoke do so partially from smoking, but also from a predisposition to certain illnesses. There are many smokers who live to a ripe old age and others who get ill young.

    > If second hand smoke were so bad, don't you think smokers, who take in both first and second hand smoke, would be even sicker?

    > The doctor asks everyone if they smoke. No, it's not because you live with a smoker.

    > I have no other vices. I don't drink alcohol a lot and don't do drugs. I have to have some fun.

    > That's just how my inner Scorpio death wish manifests with my Moon in Pisces addiction. It doesn't help to have a Neptune conjunction to my Sun either. Other than speeding occasionally, it's my only way to dabble with danger.

    > They are all natural! It's the healthy way to die.

    > How can you eat fast food all the time and animal carcasses and tell me I am being unhealthy?

    > Everything in moderation.

    > Freud would describe it as either a late oral fixation or a high thanatos... or both.

    > Alcohol kills more people each year than anything else. That is combined deaths from accidents, trauma and health issues. Why aren't you trying to close down your neighborhood pub? (This goes down very well in Oregon, which is known for having the largest number of brew pubs per capita.)

    > The average human has more carcinogens in their body from household chemicals than from cigarettes. Remember the Scotch Guard you put on your carpet, your car upholstery, your shoes and your couch? Maybe you need to build a new, all natural house and then lecture me on carcinogens.

    > Did you know that Teflon pans release carcinogens if you use them over higher than medium heat? Or if you have a scratch on the Teflon? Do you see a skull and cross bones on your pots and pans?

    I am sure I have come up with others. Share some of your favorites too! I admit that there is some truth in all those excuses. But I also am a person who heavily believes in owning their stuff. I smoke. It's not healthy. I know it. And just because there are other things out there that people lend a blind eye to because millions upon millions has not been spent advertising it's bad for you, doesn't excuse my behavior and choices either.

    What would an Astrologer's advice be to smokers? I found that in the 4 A's to Stop Smoking smushed between Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Ayurveda.

    • Aries – Most likely to quit cold turkey. When the initial ideas hits you to quit; throw away your lighter and cigarettes and just go for it. You have the will power to quit.
    • Taurus – Taste oriented people so concentrate on the bad taste of cigarettes; especially in the morning. Reward yourself for being stubborn enough to want to quit. Chewing gum may help you.
    • Gemini – This sign rules arms, hands and lungs. Need I say more? Keep yourself constantly busy with things other than smoking. Carry things, wear more jewelry on your hands, have manicures, just keep your hands busy.
    • Cancer – Does smoking make you feel more secure at home or did your parents smoke? Work on your emotions on “why” you smoke. Fight the urge to smoke after a meal. Promote the notion of a long healthy life.
    • Leo – Does smoking make you feel part of the crowd, or do you look good doing it? Smoking is publicly admonished so it isn’t a way of fitting in anymore. It stains your teeth and you smell bad. Now what is looking good about that?
    • Virgo – Very health conscious so heavy smokers are somewhat unusual. If trying to quit; realize the reality and practicality of smoking vs. not smoking. You should be able to quit smoking easily as you are very adaptable and flexible.
    • Libra – Your life is all about balance, so make a list about pros and cons of smoking or not. When the cons outweigh the pros, it won’t be hard for you to see how to stop.
    • Scorpio – Your desires are key to quitting smoking. If you totally make up your mind to stop, it is a no brainer that it will happen.
    • Sagittarius – You feel like you are lucky person; but smoking may make you feel like your luck has run out. Concentrate on the dangers and the unhealthy signs from smoking. Be mindful of details and how many cigarettes you smoke and concentrate on your sense of humor.
    • Capricorn – Do you think smoking makes you more professional? You are very success oriented; so your practical reasoning sees that this is a dead end. Setting examples is important; so concentrate on what message you are sending others if you continue to smoke.
    • Aquarius – Use your intelligence to stop smoking and help your friends stop too. Become the reform leader. Break the smoking routine and try quitting cold turkey.
    • Pisces – See reality and not fantasy. Smoking is dangerous to your health so face the music. Find a motivational force and decide to quit. Try increasing your artistic talents and keep your hands busy too.

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    President Bush Usurped in 2008?

    I work in an environment that allows me to talk daily to people from all across the country. My customers are not the jet set, they are hard working, blue collar folks. Two years ago, when I started this venture, I heard folks from red states touting Bush and his policies. They were staunch supporters and had a whole slew of reasons why most negative insights were plain propaganda from the "liberal left".

    I make it a policy not to get into debates about politics or religion at work. Regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree, you are bound to really stick a spike into SOME ONE'S sore spot. It's just not good business.

    About a year ago, I noticed a shift. People brought up politics less. Those who did were less in your face about their opinions. Instead of 9 out of every 10 touting Bush, I would say that 9 out of 10 slam him some way or another. But even the slamming one side or another has diminished.

    Big butch tried and true old time Republicans from ultra conservative places are saying that they are impressed with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as candidates. This would have never happened before. They talk about how they never questioned whether a Republican candidate would be the best or not, they just voted Republican. Now, they tell me that they are open to considering what is best for their families and their community. They see that to run their business they spend on average 80% more, but get less in return, with no end in sight. They tell tales of going bankrupt and losing homes due to high medical costs regardless of health insurance coverage. And, of course, they bring up the high spending, corruption and their disagreement of how the War in Iraq and the Middle East is being run.

    Worse yet, they tell me of delivering certain supplies to one place and discovering yet more corruption in the Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and so-called independent contractors collection. Many have claimed they turned around and stopped their business with these companies out of principal, despite great financial loss to themselves and their families. These stories will most likely never make your local news, or the New York Times.

    Whether or not their new "openness" is due primarily to financial impacts or core beliefs, it's hard to judge. However, I do think that there are "good" Republicans out there and also "good" Democrats, Independents, Green and Libertarians. Should we always vote along a party line? Or should we vote for who we think will do the best job?

    On AstroFutureTrends, the AstroBlog, there was a great posting talking about the upcoming 2008 election for President. It's called Electing the Un-Bush and discusses how the next President will be primarily elected because they are the opposite end of the spectrum from George W Bush.

    There will be an exact and powerful Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day, 2008. The Saturn-Uranus opposition carries with it the idea of overthrowing the status quo. We had the same opposition in 1920, when the country was fed up with Woodrow Wilson and the experience of World War I (again, I am not trying to create a quality-of-leadership parallel between Wilson and Bush, or World War I and Iraq—although the latter does have some similarities). We elected Warren Harding, widely regarded as one of the worst U.S. presidents. He promised to be the un-Wilson. Unfortunately, he was.

    We also had the same opposition in the mid-1960’s. The question is, who will the nation turn to in 2008 in an effort to overthrow the status quo? Who will be in tune with these Saturn-Uranus energies? And which candidate—now that we are getting a better picture of who they are—astrologically embodies the opposite of Bush?

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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Apple and the iPhone - Timing is Everything!

    I am an Apple fanatic and work in a tech industry, so the new unveiling of the iPhone at MacWorld brought tears of joy to my eyes.

    It's an iPod, a mobile phone (exclusive to Cingular) and a true internet tool as well. There are no unsightly buttons and the screen size is 3.5"! It is thinner than any other "smart" (or not so smart) phone. Instead of a strip down version of inferior Windows Mobile, the iPhone will run full OSX. Is it any wonder this Scorpio wants this sexy little gadget?

    Jeffery Kishner takes a look at the Astrology of the iPhone.

    For more info on the iPhone, and to see the demo, visit my other blog Sales Tips.

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    John Edwards and Mitt Romney for President

    We all remember John Edwards, Democrat, from the last Presidential election when he ran with John Kerry. He threw himself into the Presidential running as 2006 was drawing to a close. The gentleman from North Carolina won the hearts of the American people. Many who did not care for Kerry were much more impressed with his running mate. Charismatic, good looking, devoted family man, Edwards comes across as someone with a heart and a head. Voracious for information, as his heavy Gemini influence indicates, he also communicates what he learns clearly for all to understand. With the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter in Gemini, he struggles with focusing his energy.

    See John Edwards Horoscope at AstroTheme.

    Mitt Romney is the Republican Governor of Massachusetts and really needs a good Astrologer amongst his trusted advisers. He filed his presidential exploratory papers during the Void of Course Moon. This occurs every few days and lasts for seconds to days. Too bad for Romney, as it is a time when nothing should be committed to and important things should not be planned. They tend to go haywire. The Void Moon simply makes plans go astray or quirking things will happen to keep you from completing your plans successfully.

    Based on the Void of Course filing, and that he up against the likes of John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton (whether or not they all intend to run), I am going to take a shot in the dark and predict he won't make it.

    See Mitt Romney's Horoscope at AstroTheme.

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    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Tigger with Mars?

    Looks like I am not the only one who has had an issue with Transiting Mars!

    Check out the Tigger Tussle where a teen gets swacked by the lovable, bouncy (read Sagittarius) Tigger.

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    Agression Galore

    I recently experienced Mars transiting my Sagittarius Ascendant. Usually this gives you extra energy. It had an interesting way of manifesting for me, however, so I thought that I would share it with you.

    Anyone I not yet know, who I came into contact with, and had any slight bit of aggression in their bones, came at me with all rockets blasting. They might be nice and congenial with the person I was standing next to, but would look at me with that slanty-eyed suspicion that you expect someone to have when facing off a wild bear.

    Each time I would smile and open my mouth to say something... anything... and, in the words of chef Emeril, BAM! I was called all names in the book, and could not calm down the irate like I usually am able to do.

    The positive side of this time period, however, is that transiting Venus was trine my natal Venus in Libra and I was offered a promotion. This promotion came out of the blue for me for many reasons, yet the timing was excellent.

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    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Just When You Thought You had a Handle on Terms!

    Just when you thought you had a handle on all the terms running around in your head, along comes an excellent article by Twilight on her blog Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.

    She takes all those confusing blogger terms and translates them into Astrology terms! She covers such mind blowers as "Social bookmarks, memes, tags, ping, backlink, trackback, permalinks, RSS, XML". How do these fit in with Astrology? Read her article Translating Bloggerese into Astrologese.

    What I enjoy most about her blog is how she correlates Astrology to everyday life. Once you start learning about Astrology, you see it everywhere. "You see it everywhere" makes it sound like a bad muumuu pattern. I should say, you start to recognize it in your life. A lot of us have a hard time expressing that to others who don't know as much as we do, but Twilight pulls it off in Aces!

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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    The Best and Worst of 2006 - Astrologically

    Astro Future Trends did a great review of 2006 in Astrological Terms.

    Items rated include: Biggest Astrology Story, Most Influential Planets, Most Screwed-Up Transit, Most Troublesome Eclipse, Movie Where One Can See Planets in the Themes (He chose Tsotsi for Pluto. I would have chosen Descent & The Cave), Best Astrology Magazine, Best New Astrology Book, Biggest Online Astrology Trend, Event Most Highly Anticipated by Astrology Bloggers, Biggest Trend in Astrology Books and Best New Website.

    AstroFutureTrends AstroBlog: The Astrology Year in Review

    For me, the greatest thing that came out of this review was the choice for Best New Website. Zodiac By Degrees has pics of the Sabian Symbols. Each and every one of them. Sabian Symbols are an intense interpretation of every degree of the Zodiac. You MUST check it out!

    Zodiac By Degrees

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    Goodbye 2006 - HELLO 2007

    As most of you probably know, I am new(ish) with a fairly fast learning curve, to blogging. I decided to blog about Astrology because it combines two of my passions. The first is creativity. I have always written and have a strong background in film, TV and theatre. If I am not being creative in SOME way, I start to feel lost.

    The second is Astrology. Without it, I would be lost, or would have been, depending upon how you look at it.

    There are 50 million blogs out there on the web. Most of them are orphaned (started and left... how sad!) or "I did this today" blogs. When I started this venture, early on, I heard about Technorati. Technorati is one of the foremost rankings for blogs. You may have noticed my icons, like "Technorati Favorites", floating around my blog.

    Out of 50 million blogs, I started this venture with the auspicious tag of #2.something MILLION.

    Thanks to you, we are now ranked at 614,479. It is my goal to get in the top 100,000 in another 3 months time, and climb the ranks on up the ladder.

    Granted, I am not hitting "hot" buttons or "splogging". I don't rewrite what FOX News or 20/20 spoke about the night before (unless there is something Astrological to gain). I could write so much more about people or things that fascinate me, like Angelina Jolie and her UN missions, or colorful characters (and quite charismatic), like George Galloway. Yet, if I can't tie it to Astrology, and make it easy to understand for all, I won't post it.

    I definitely will NEVER splog. Splogging, for those who do not know, is pulling from other sources automatically so you don't have to lift a finger. Why do people Splog? To gain revenue from click throughs on ads, of course. If a top site reports something, chances are it is a hot topic. Hot topics mean more traffic and more traffic means more click throughs to generate income.

    I gain a meager earning from the ads on this site. When I say meager, think 5 cans of not-so-bad cat food per month. It doesn't pay the bills (but I hope one day it might).

    Thanks to you, though, I have something more valuable than cat food. I have a community of new and repeat readers who enjoy, and hopefully learn and grow, from Astrology Talk.

    Thank you all to a great end to 2006 and wishing all a prosperous 2007!

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