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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Best and Worst of 2006 - Astrologically

Astro Future Trends did a great review of 2006 in Astrological Terms.

Items rated include: Biggest Astrology Story, Most Influential Planets, Most Screwed-Up Transit, Most Troublesome Eclipse, Movie Where One Can See Planets in the Themes (He chose Tsotsi for Pluto. I would have chosen Descent & The Cave), Best Astrology Magazine, Best New Astrology Book, Biggest Online Astrology Trend, Event Most Highly Anticipated by Astrology Bloggers, Biggest Trend in Astrology Books and Best New Website.

AstroFutureTrends AstroBlog: The Astrology Year in Review

For me, the greatest thing that came out of this review was the choice for Best New Website. Zodiac By Degrees has pics of the Sabian Symbols. Each and every one of them. Sabian Symbols are an intense interpretation of every degree of the Zodiac. You MUST check it out!

Zodiac By Degrees

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