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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hard Drive Fix and Jupiter

I recently bartered on Craigslist for a dead iPod. I was hoping it did not face the same death as the other two iPods I hoped at one point to cobble together. I lucked out. This one had a fully functional harddrive, which is the part I needed to work. While searching the net for fixes and tips, I came across something I read about before.

It works with computer harddrives, laptop harddrives, and apparently iPod harddrives. Because they are so small, iPod harddrives have a habit of getting 'stuck', which shows up as an issue on the iPod's screen and you can't access any of your music or files. One suggestion was to put your harddrive into a freezer ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. After a few hours, you take it out and put it over a heat vent. (This also works with some batteries like the old Powerbook PRAM batteries, by the way.)

The idea is through contraction and expansion, the portion of the harddrive that was stuck loosens itself back into the correct place. My AstroBrain started wandering to Jupiter. Obviously, expansion is a Jupiter trait. Technology would be Uranus. Contraction would be Saturn. But how did all these items fit in with fixing a harddrive?

Once upon a time, a man named Reynold Johnson invented a test scoring machine to count those little boxes that we filled in with pencil. IBM thought this was a great idea, and hired him as an engineer. Remember the punch cards for computers? The ones that as you carried them across a room to the computer, and you tripped, would go flying across the floor? The ones you then had to try to sort by hand all over again, and after several long, grueling hours, you perhaps had written a half way decent tic tac toe program. Well, you can thank Mr. Johnson. You can also thank him for your iPod, your TiVo, your computer, your laptop and any number of other devices that use a harddrive.

In 1952, Reynold Johnson was moved to San Jose, California by IBM. My father also worked for IBM in San Jose in the 70's and 80's, on harddrives. On September 13, 1956, the world's first disk drive was unveiled. The first photo is only of the harddrive mechanism, the second shows how the disk drives were housed - you can see two of them in the forefront. The IBM350 RAMAC has eventually evolved to be a little smaller than a credit card in 50 years.

All the Jupiter aspects in the harddrive's chart are wide, so it sits virtually unaspected. Jupiter Square Uranus. Jupiter Opposite Mars. Jupiter Trine Moon. Jupiter Conjunct Sun. By wide, I mean they are far enough away for some Astrologers to count them, and others to discount them.

Scorpio Ascendant: Our little harddrive can be hard to understand, but yet remains on the cutting edge.

Virgo Sun: Detail oriented, practical and analytical are all great qualities for a harddrive! But remember all those Intel dolls in bunny clean suits? That's taking the need for cleanliness a bit literally.

Moon in Capricorn: Again with the practical, and we all know that harddrives have created many a millionaire (2nd House).

Mercury in Libra: This one stumped me for a moment. It normally would mean diplomacy in communication. Then I thought out of the inelegant Microsoft box, and remembered the cute sad Mac. Not that I have seen one ;) It's a cute, diplomatic icon, and much more impressive than the blue screen of death.

Venus in Leo: This one stumped me too. The only thing I can think of is when my harddrive on my PC dies, it just simply does so because it no longer respects me.

Mars in Pices: Working behind the scenes, we rarely think about our harddrives, do we? They do need rest from all the spinning they do in order to live long, happy harddisk lives.

Jupiter in Virgo: Taking on all those tasks that we no longer want to do, a harddrive is useful, practical and resourceful, taking on the responsibilities of multibillion dollar financial institutes and countries. It seems, the whole world is wired in one way or another.

Saturn in Scorpio: Normally this would read as very restricted and restrained, but it can also mean paying close attention to detail. Almost obsessively so. What would you call a person who only communicates in 0's and 1's? It's BINARY BABY!

Generational planets are those that move so slowly, you find entire generations under their influence.

Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo: Self expression and reinventing traditions, everything is re-examined and evaluated. Deeply experimental and reaching out to new ways of doing things marks this entire generation.

One striking thing about this chart is that is shows a need for public community. Usually communities are seen as small groups, but this one smacks of a much larger community. Ask yourself: Would you be as connected today without the creation of harddrives? Very few inventions can say the same. Even the internet has a harddrive backbone (at a basic level).

If you have any insight, I would love to hear it! Below chart from AstroLabe.

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