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Monday, January 15, 2007

Is there a Scorpion in the House?

I haven't seen anyone write about all the Scorpio influences hitting recently and their reflection in movies that came out at the same time. In the past few weeks I have seen Descent, The Cavern and The Cave. All three are about caves and hidden things lurking inside. The best one, in my opinion, is The Cave. It had a better script and better acting than the others. Instead of creating a "spooky cave atmosphere" by filming most of the scenes in virtual darkness, The Cave had more illumination. This fact alone made it much more thrilling and exciting. It is also the one that traveled the deepest into the Underworld, following a team of cave divers. It also likened "what lurked below" to humans in a way that the others missed out on. It shows the Scorpio nature in all of us.

As an aside, The Cave was the hardest for me to find in the video store, although I checked often. I finally found it after I saw the other two, hidden behind a bunch of long out DVD titles. Hmmm...

Recently everything that I see or read reminds me of Scorpionic influences, but I haven't quite gotten around to putting those impressions down on the keypad. That is, until I uncovered so many news articles about spying, all the not-so-hidden government schlock and rediscovered an old article. The old article seems to be in a newer, more alarming light today than it was when it was written.

Onto a very bad segue:

What do the NSA and the Microsoft Operating System have in common? Strong Scorpio influences, of course!

The NSA, National Security Agency, deals in all sorts of hidden information, discovery of hidden information and hiding information. On the government homepage for the NSA, their two focuses are "Information Assurance" and "Signals Intelligence". These are separated into two portions, each of which has it's own link. "Signals Intelligence" deals with gathering and deciphering. I am still not completely clear on what "Information Assurance" really does. It seems to allude to encrypting and coding information, but some of the other verbage lends one to think there is more to it...

The NSA Mission Statement: The ability to understand the secret communications of our foreign adversaries while protecting our own communications -- a capability in which the United States leads the world -- gives our nation a unique advantage. Considering that the current government has enacted open ended "laws" that allow agencies to violate our privacy with no warrant or court order, or even evidence, this statement now takes on new light. Apparently this now includes regular snail mail.

Everyone has heard of Microsoft, the monolithic operating system called Windows runs on most of your computers. It is run by a very shrewed and wealthy man named Bill Gates. He scares me, but only a little because I personally prefer a Mac... Bill's Sun (square first house Uranus), Venus and Saturn are all in Scorpio, hovering near his IC.

Some of you may know that he started off his life with the Steve's of Apple fame. He bowed out and they went on to develop an icon based home personal computer. A little while later, Windows 3.1, looking eerily similar, popped up out of the woodwork of text based DOS.

Would you be surprised to find that there is a hidden key (and now two) inside every Windows box from early Windows95 on up that bears the moniker of "NSA". Not only can it limit the encryption that someone can put on files, it also can run selected NSA programs. What they do, and why, no one knows.

Windows machines now keep many of these types of files on a chipset, instead of in software, which makes this type of privacy violation undetectable. So do you think in today's atmosphere that you are any more safe on a MS machine? This article was from 1999, and the trapdoor and loopholes from the NSA are still there (as far as anyone can tell).


According to Fernandez of Cryptonym, the result of having the secret key inside your Windows operating system "is that it is tremendously easier for the NSA to load unauthorized security services on all copies of Microsoft Windows, and once these security services are loaded, they can effectively compromise your entire operating system"...

According to one leading US cryptographer, the IT world should be thankful that the subversion of Windows by NSA has come to light before the arrival of CPUs that handles encrypted instruction sets. These would make the type of discoveries made this month impossible. "Had the next-generation CPU's with encrypted instruction sets already been deployed, we would have never found out about NSAKEY."

Full article

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