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Saturday, January 13, 2007

President Bush Usurped in 2008?

I work in an environment that allows me to talk daily to people from all across the country. My customers are not the jet set, they are hard working, blue collar folks. Two years ago, when I started this venture, I heard folks from red states touting Bush and his policies. They were staunch supporters and had a whole slew of reasons why most negative insights were plain propaganda from the "liberal left".

I make it a policy not to get into debates about politics or religion at work. Regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree, you are bound to really stick a spike into SOME ONE'S sore spot. It's just not good business.

About a year ago, I noticed a shift. People brought up politics less. Those who did were less in your face about their opinions. Instead of 9 out of every 10 touting Bush, I would say that 9 out of 10 slam him some way or another. But even the slamming one side or another has diminished.

Big butch tried and true old time Republicans from ultra conservative places are saying that they are impressed with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as candidates. This would have never happened before. They talk about how they never questioned whether a Republican candidate would be the best or not, they just voted Republican. Now, they tell me that they are open to considering what is best for their families and their community. They see that to run their business they spend on average 80% more, but get less in return, with no end in sight. They tell tales of going bankrupt and losing homes due to high medical costs regardless of health insurance coverage. And, of course, they bring up the high spending, corruption and their disagreement of how the War in Iraq and the Middle East is being run.

Worse yet, they tell me of delivering certain supplies to one place and discovering yet more corruption in the Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and so-called independent contractors collection. Many have claimed they turned around and stopped their business with these companies out of principal, despite great financial loss to themselves and their families. These stories will most likely never make your local news, or the New York Times.

Whether or not their new "openness" is due primarily to financial impacts or core beliefs, it's hard to judge. However, I do think that there are "good" Republicans out there and also "good" Democrats, Independents, Green and Libertarians. Should we always vote along a party line? Or should we vote for who we think will do the best job?

On AstroFutureTrends, the AstroBlog, there was a great posting talking about the upcoming 2008 election for President. It's called Electing the Un-Bush and discusses how the next President will be primarily elected because they are the opposite end of the spectrum from George W Bush.

There will be an exact and powerful Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day, 2008. The Saturn-Uranus opposition carries with it the idea of overthrowing the status quo. We had the same opposition in 1920, when the country was fed up with Woodrow Wilson and the experience of World War I (again, I am not trying to create a quality-of-leadership parallel between Wilson and Bush, or World War I and Iraq—although the latter does have some similarities). We elected Warren Harding, widely regarded as one of the worst U.S. presidents. He promised to be the un-Wilson. Unfortunately, he was.

We also had the same opposition in the mid-1960’s. The question is, who will the nation turn to in 2008 in an effort to overthrow the status quo? Who will be in tune with these Saturn-Uranus energies? And which candidate—now that we are getting a better picture of who they are—astrologically embodies the opposite of Bush?

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