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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weather and Astrology - A Comet Comes to Dinner

This morning I woke up early. Not by choice, but because the codeine cough syrup I have been taking gives me those short, light and rather odd dreams usually associated with fever.

While I was up, I decided I would start tackling the days work. I spoke with someone in Austin, Texas, and the conversation quickly turned to freak weather. Austin has been sheeted in ice for several days, which has wreaked havoc on the day to day commerce there. What's a little ice, say you who live where ice is common? A lot when in 8 years, my peer from across the telecom lines has seen it only once or twice.

I had to open my mouth and make the comment that last night the Portland weather people were saying to "expect snow by 5am". It was 6:30 and yet no snow was in sight. I often make the comment that if I were wrong as much as the weather people out here, I would be out of a job. Within 10 minutes, the snow started to fall. Oh me, of little faith! It fell for most of the day, leaving a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. This is unusual, as in the Portland area, we get powder and then freezing rain, which ruins the whole beauty and makes traveling something akin to riding on a rickety roller coaster with no safety device.

I had to take a picture of the blanket of snow this morning via my cell phone to send to my counterpart in Austin. This was snapped just prior to my Shiba Inu deciding to go for an off leash impromptu mile long run along the Columbia River. Shiba Inu means, "small dog" in Japanese. They have a saying: "It is a lucky man who can catch a Shiba Inu." I guess today Jupiter was with me. I finally caught the rascal.

So, when I stumbled on Twilight's post from the blog, Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, I had a "hmmmm..." moment. She ponders the freak weather across the US and the arrival of the comet McNaught. Weather, Comets and Astrology is well thought out, and makes a great argument. Do I detect a little bit of an Astrological researcher coming out?

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