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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Survival !!!

I survived with keeping my mouth appropriately shut. There really was not anything in the call that chuffed my hide, and I think all in all, the roll out will be a great thing. Just in case, I did the sensible thing and kept myself on mute the entire call. Odd for me and my big mouth, but I wasn't taking any chances, especially not with Sagittarius Rising.

However, in other aspects, I found myself taking several walks. That pensive cat tail flipping feeling. Very short attention span to BS.

But how did the Void Moon effect the exact roll out? Long term, yet to be seen, but short term:

* 7:50am: Email stating new plan will be released by 1pm

* 10:12am: Text message stating plan to be released shortly.

* 12:22pm: Email stating final touches being put on the release materials and a problem uploading the YouTube video of the release... but still to make 1pm deadline.

* 1:45pm: Email stating there are some problems with the webmail server. It gave several alternate webmail addresses. Ironically, the email stating there was an issue was sent via email. Not very helpful to webmail users, I assume.

* 3:00pm: Regional Conference call to discuss the release... which still is not out. My Regional Manager, however, did a smashing job flying by the seat of her pants and creating excitement.

* 9:19pm: Plan released. YouTube video link, plus 2 attachments.

The YouTube video and the attachments did not match on some major bonus amounts.

As I said, long term is yet to be seen, but I had to chuckle anytime a time was given for the release.

The most efficient companies I have worked for have implemented watching the Void of Course tables. There are fewer hiccups and expectations aren't hung in the ether when there is nothing to tie them to. I wonder how many huge corporations lose money every year by not paying closer attention?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No. NO! Not on a Void Moon!!!

My worst fears came to light today. The company I work for is about to roll out a new compensation plan and is undergoing "restructuring". Gasp. Anyone who has been through this, knows how stressful it can be.

The calls to finalize were scheduled for Friday, then Monday. Now, it looks like tomorrow. What is this I see??? THE MOON IS VOID ALL DAY LONG!!! That's right folks. On one of the few occasions in the year when the Moon stays void for over a day, the Powers that Be have decided to launch possibly the largest change in corporate structure ever.

Here is my past article on the little gremlin called Void of Course Moon. Astrology Talk: Void of Course Moon. In a nutshell, plans and commitments made when the Moon is Void of Course go terribly wrong.

Let's top it off. On the same day, I will have Mars transiting and making a Square to my Natal Mercury. What does this mean? Clearly my sensibilities will be insulted. Things will seem in complete conflict with my own vision and principles. I will feel annoyed, challenged and ready to bust some heads.

Will I be able to turn this around? Will I be able to maintain a fluid and adaptable attitude towards the situation? Will I use this as a tool to invite clear communication and let it allow my abilities to act soar?

Sigh. I can be a hot head. I admit it. I have learned that when I get hot under the collar, I need to remove myself from the situation for a while and cool off. This way I can be much more diplomatic rather than just strike out.

Worse, when asked, I will say exactly what I think, not what is popular. Although this can win me respect with some folks, it also can earn me ridicule by those pork bellied pigs who think that saying what someone wants to hear assures their place in the world. I like to think I give credit where credit is due, but I have also been known to play the devil's advocate as well. I personally feel that a company and people can't learn and grow healthily without some voice of honesty. Love me, hate me. I'm a Scorpio and I really don't care... Well... Maybe I care a little bit...

My Natal Mercury is in Scorpio, the first few degrees in fact, making it very strong, and in my 10th house. The house of career! For a full definition visit the resources on my website. Can it get much more challenging? Everything in the 10th house is out in the open. It's all about how you relate to those who have authority over you, but also your public image.

I will discuss my other transit hitting March 1st, which may well out weight this one. Crisis first, pondering later...

Tune in tomorrow to see if I lose it or use it!

For those in the "know" here are my transits for the next few days, courtesy of StarIQ

Mon 4:54 AM Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Saturn
7:25 AM Transiting Moon Square Natal Saturn
3:59 PM Transiting Mars Trine Natal Venus
8:46 PM Transiting Moon Opposition Natal Mars

Tue 3:35 AM Transiting Moon Trine Natal Sun
12:56 PM Transiting Moon Sextile Natal Pluto
3:34 PM Transiting Mars Square Natal Mercury
3:49 PM Transiting Moon Trine Natal Neptune
11:26 PM Transiting Moon Sextile Natal Uranus

Wed 4:50 AM Transiting Moon Sextile Natal Venus
6:14 AM Transiting Moon Square Natal Mercury
3:39 PM Transiting Moon Trine Natal Saturn

Thu 12:41 PM Transiting Moon Square Natal Sun

Fri 1:25 AM Transiting Moon Square Natal Neptune
4:23 PM Transiting Moon Sextile Natal Mercury
7:19 PM Transiting Moon Opposition Natal Moon
7:45 PM Transiting Moon Conjunction Natal Jupiter

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Horoscope of a Spy

This seemed very fitting as I have noticed that a lot of my "entertainment" revolves around movies of series with a darker hidden side. Dexter, to name one. In Dexter, the main character is a serial killer who only kills wrong doers. If this sounds intriguing to you, check it out! It has a lot of ironic dark comedy, which, of course, appeals to me.

I will cover some more personal observations in a following post. I haven't quite figured how to tie it all together for you.

BUT AstroFuture Trends does it again, with a great post about double agent, Robert Hanssen, in Astrology of a Double Agent. Hanssen's decision to become a double agent had nothing to do with money, and everything to do with astrology.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Was Anna Nicole's Death an Accident???

Following up and true to form, Kitty Taurus hits the rumor mill head on! The rumors read like a dime novel, but get the inside scoop on the transits that followed up to her death.

  • Was Anna Nicole's Death Accidental

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  • Anna Nicole Smith Dies

    Anna Nicole Smith has had her share of drama. Propelled into our sights after her mega-rich old timer passed away, and the following lawsuit, tragedies seems to have followed her. Among them, numerous legal battles focused on getting her money, and the tragic death of her young son. Anna Nicole passed away surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Thursday afternoon in Hollywood, Florida.

    Already, the conspiracy theory begins. Was it her lawyer husband who killed Anna Nicole and her son? There still is that debate over the father Anna Nicole's baby. Was it truly a drug overdose? It seems that that the controversy spotting most of her past few years, will follow her beyond the grave.

    Kitty Taurus does a great analysis of her transits, her horoscope and everything in between.

  • Namaste, Anna Nicole Smith

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  • Thursday, February 08, 2007

    And Now for Some Astrology Fun...

    Cruising videos online, I had to smile... rather chuckle... when I came across these video "songs" of the 12 Astrology Signs. If only there were a tuning fork in the house!

    You can watch them by sign or just get the smushed together quickie versions of all 12. It's cute and strangely entertaining!

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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Have George W Bush Horoscope... Will Travel

    I thought you might be getting tired of flitting back and forth between Astrology Talk and the charts of people or events. My gift to you, courtesy of Google Video! The horoscope of George W Bush explained to you, by an Astrologer. No extra work needed.

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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Astrologer Tops the Charts in Iraq

    I often wonder why so many of my site hits come from the middle east. Although there is a definite interest in Astrology in that part of the world, there are also many countries which disallow sending of Astrological materials, such as books and horoscopes, in the mail. In India, Astrology is a part of every day life. When a child is born, a chart using the Vedic system is drawn. Vedic Astrology is primarily a Hindu based form.

    In an odd twist, an Astrology TV show called Your Fortune, is a hot item in war torn Iraq. The show is live and discusses the planets and stars. It also takes calls from folks who call in for advice. Ali al-Bakri is the Astrologer and Hadeel al-Bayati lends a hand. Most of the callers aren't interested in politics, but personal advice.

    What makes this show even more stunning is that Islam forbids fortune telling. Just as any good Astrologer would explain, Astrology is based in science.

  • USA Today: Future Looks Bright for TV Fortune-Telling Show

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  • Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Astrology Talk Makes Best of the Web Astrology Sites

    I am proud to have this blog, Astrology Talk, listed on the Best of the Web for Astrology sites!

    Get an inside track on what is happening in the world of astrology and the astrology of the world. This site is a well-kept secret that attracts astrologers.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped make Astrology Talk an Astroblog hot site!

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