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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Astrologer Tops the Charts in Iraq

I often wonder why so many of my site hits come from the middle east. Although there is a definite interest in Astrology in that part of the world, there are also many countries which disallow sending of Astrological materials, such as books and horoscopes, in the mail. In India, Astrology is a part of every day life. When a child is born, a chart using the Vedic system is drawn. Vedic Astrology is primarily a Hindu based form.

In an odd twist, an Astrology TV show called Your Fortune, is a hot item in war torn Iraq. The show is live and discusses the planets and stars. It also takes calls from folks who call in for advice. Ali al-Bakri is the Astrologer and Hadeel al-Bayati lends a hand. Most of the callers aren't interested in politics, but personal advice.

What makes this show even more stunning is that Islam forbids fortune telling. Just as any good Astrologer would explain, Astrology is based in science.

  • USA Today: Future Looks Bright for TV Fortune-Telling Show

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