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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Survival !!!

I survived with keeping my mouth appropriately shut. There really was not anything in the call that chuffed my hide, and I think all in all, the roll out will be a great thing. Just in case, I did the sensible thing and kept myself on mute the entire call. Odd for me and my big mouth, but I wasn't taking any chances, especially not with Sagittarius Rising.

However, in other aspects, I found myself taking several walks. That pensive cat tail flipping feeling. Very short attention span to BS.

But how did the Void Moon effect the exact roll out? Long term, yet to be seen, but short term:

* 7:50am: Email stating new plan will be released by 1pm

* 10:12am: Text message stating plan to be released shortly.

* 12:22pm: Email stating final touches being put on the release materials and a problem uploading the YouTube video of the release... but still to make 1pm deadline.

* 1:45pm: Email stating there are some problems with the webmail server. It gave several alternate webmail addresses. Ironically, the email stating there was an issue was sent via email. Not very helpful to webmail users, I assume.

* 3:00pm: Regional Conference call to discuss the release... which still is not out. My Regional Manager, however, did a smashing job flying by the seat of her pants and creating excitement.

* 9:19pm: Plan released. YouTube video link, plus 2 attachments.

The YouTube video and the attachments did not match on some major bonus amounts.

As I said, long term is yet to be seen, but I had to chuckle anytime a time was given for the release.

The most efficient companies I have worked for have implemented watching the Void of Course tables. There are fewer hiccups and expectations aren't hung in the ether when there is nothing to tie them to. I wonder how many huge corporations lose money every year by not paying closer attention?

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