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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can Prison be a Hilton?

I was reading the Kitty Taurus blog, Celeb AstroBlogy, and had to indulge myself in a nice good chuckle. No, her articles are serious, but let's see if you can figure out who this post is about:

* She Who Shall Not Be Named, For Publicity Feeds Her Horrible Power
* STD-ridden chupacabra
* Takes photo ops with copies of The Power of Now or The Secret

In her optimism, Kitty looked deeper into this nemesis celebrity chart. She was hopeful that this (we wish) nameless celeb might learn something from her recent stints. Hopeful, that this just might be the wake up call needed to make some major life changes. Saturn, perhaps?

What she discovered, appalled her even more! No Saturn indications, but Neptune retrograde over Sun, in Aquarius. (Have you guessed who it is yet? Here's another hint: First name is after a major French city, last name is a hotel chain you have probably stayed in at some point.)

Kitty can tell it like it is, keep me in stitches, and hopefully impart some insight and wisdom on the way!

Check out her article: Will Prison Change You Know Who?

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At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Chris Brennan said...

No Saturn indications??? There were totally Saturn indications! Saturn stationed direct in opposition to her natal Venus a couple of weeks before she was sentenced, and Saturn has been pummeling her natal Moon in mid-Leo for a couple of years now. The orb from transiting Neptune to her natal Sun Mercury conjunction is a lot wider than the Saturn stuff.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...


Good point. Perhaps I should rephrase and instead of "no" (because truth be known we all have something at any given time) I should have been more specific.

I think what Kitty Taurus was hoping to find was something that would indicate the increased level of this type of drama and trauma. Something where ploys for media attention were not as focused. Let's face it, she is in the public eye, so by nature she will get publicity one way or another. However, she seems hungry to fuel that fire often. Paris Hilton has professed to have had an inner spiritual shift in focus (Neptune), yet what Ms. Taurus was baffled by is the strength of indicators of media attention (Aquarius).

I personally am not a Paris Hilton "fan", but I have nothing against her either. We are all journeying. I do feel Kitty Taurus may not always say the popular thing, but does tell it in an entertaining and Astrologically correct way.

I think what she was hoping to see was a Saturn/Sun hard aspect.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Melody said...

Paris’s Sun is at 28 Aquarius as far as I know, so Neptune is not there yet – although everyone without exception that has gone through a Neptune / Sun transit has really gone through the ringer…

In addition to Saturn traveling through her 8th and hitting her Moon/North Node, I see Chiron 1 degree from conjuncting her natal Venus/South Node in Aquarius in the 2nd house, so that has to be huge for her sense of values, security, identity etc. This Aquarius South Node signature smacks of total neglect in early childhood (especially relative to her emotional needs which then would impact her using her femininity to attract the attention she is starved for), and we all have our growing pains when trying to figure out how to live our North Node, which in her case is in Leo conjunct by 1 degree a Leo Moon in the 8th… She is on her path and I personally think that a little compassion is in order.

She also has Pluto in the 10th; so her elitist and superior upbringing is going to go through crisis during the lessons of adjusting her own value system to work within the confines of the social structure and taking personal responsibility for her actions. And this particular lesson (which involves Chiron) is probably bringing up for her old wounds of trauma and abandonment (the Uranus in the 12th and the Aquarius South Node conjunct Venus in the 2nd). Imagine….thinking that you were going to be able to do your time at home and then suddenly and unexpectedly having to go back to jail – with an angry judge who is now saying back to the full term (vs. 23 days).

With an exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (Libra) on the most powerful point of the chart (9th house / MC)….well it actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if her soul was learning some tough lessons on the road towards some sort of philosophical/spiritual path that will allow her to shine and get the attention she needs in a deeper and more meaningful way that will contribute to the whole.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...

Awesome! Thanks for the input, Melody. You rock!


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