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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happiness, Cycles and Astrology

A post by Melody Zindell of Astrology and More sparked something in me. In her post, she questions if, with all the wisdom and enlightened figures throughout history, we are any better off as a species as we used to be.

Recently, as part of my job search, I have been using an online networking site called LinkedIn. I stumbled across it when I was searching for a long lost friend. (Kent Johnson of San Jose, call home.) I never really used it, or got into it at that time. Then, later, when I was searching for other opportunities in the la-la-land of J.O.B., I revisited it. I had the plan to use it in order to connect to recruiters and hiring managers.

Yes, I did that, but the most positive contact came from a man who is studying happiness and is in the process of opening an institute to study it. His name is Arjan Haring, and his institute is HUH? (Haring insitUte of Happiness). This might seem a little off kilter, but hey, you are at least open minded, because you are reading my blog! I am working on a book about happiness and positive thinking, so we hit it off right away.

I have Sagittarius Rising, Moon in Pisces and Sun in Scorpio with a Neptune Conjunction. This works great for me in many ways, but another manifestation is my external presentation of happiness is an on/off switch. Literally. I can be having the worst day ever, and suddenly am put in the public light, and switch on. Friends marvel at that ability. Before I studied Astrology, I felt this was something from my childhood. Ah, Freud, we're all stuck with you now! I used to describe it like a sick bird. They don't show physical weakness until they are really on their last legs, because otherwise, the other birds will pick on the sick one. Read: Youngest and only girl with 4 older brothers. I had a lot to prove!

Knowing this about myself, I actually have to tell my partner when I am depressed. Yes, you just can't tell. A blessing of my Scorpio shell. It lets me deal with those times alone, if I must, and speak about it if I need some outside comfort. We like our deep, dark security blankets, but I don't wrap mine around me too much these days. Yet, I am only human, and we all have our days here and there.

My Happiness friend recently sent me a question that really stumped me. I should rather say "vexed" me, because I still don't know if I have an answer. Here is his question:

What will make us happy in 2020?

The first thing my newly founded Haring institUte of Happiness will do is investigate the concept of Happiness 13 years from now.

The RAND Corporation did some excellent research on almost everything when they predicted the future in the early sixties also on the topic of Happiness. I think it's time to have a look at the concept another time, and maybe in other ways.

What will happiness be in 2020?

Truth is, I just don't know. I am big on positive thinking, and creating our outlook by how we respond to things, but that's me. What is it for the world? A pill? A surgery? A cell phone that can release endorphins instead of ring tones? An inspiring leader? More money?

We are all individuals on a spiritual journey. What is happiness to you now? And what is it in 13 years from now?

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At 2:10 PM, Blogger Melody said...

Hi velvet blade,

Writing a book?! That is so cool. I'm sure you're familiar Happiness is a Choice written by Barry Kaufman of the Option Institute. I read it many years ago - possibly as long as 25 years - but it was such an important concept for me to get given my chart! External is irrelevant :)

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...

External is truly irrelevant! It's all about how we react and see things. In an astrological chart, you can have many people in the same or similar environment, but each one has a different perception of the experience.

Mind blowing in a way.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Velvet Blade,

I didn't yet answer the question what is happiness in 2020? But you and the readers of this blog would maybe interested to know that the Huh? organizes a happiness symposium Thoughts on Happiness: The Meaning of Life. Check out the recently launched website at

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Velvet Blade said...

Hi Arjan!

Do you know this is Claudia from LinkedIn? I am not sure if I had this site on my profile.

You do such wonderful work! If you would like to write an article and post it on this, or my other blog, I would love to post it!


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