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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Not-So-Secret Secret

This is one of those moments of synchronicity. I had just finished watching The Celestine Prophecy, and had read the book several times a little over a decade earlier. Then, someone mentioned, The Secret. Sure enough, I was sucked in to watching the DVD online for less than a fiver.

When I was younger (and weren't we all?), I played soccer and volleyball very competitively. My coach always had me do creative visualization, which was very helpful, but also caused me to have premonitions of games that were uncannily correct. It was always wacky stuff, like someone playing a position they never played and scoring the winning goal. I could give play-by-plays, and it all came true.

Creative visualization has it's place in the law of attraction. My slant is a little different and it has to do with staying focused on the future and how you envision it (loosely) but living in the present moment. It has to do with positive approaches to each moment, and getting rid of those thoughts that are negative or nonproductive. Just enjoy each moment, and the big stuff isn't so big anymore. It helps me be able to release to the universe when I need something that I have not been able to manifest myself. I am a big believer that in so many ways, we get back what we put out. That's karma, isn't it?

Earlier today, I read Melody's post from a while back, The Secret Behind The Secret. This post was about 2 months old, yet somehow I missed it before. I must not have been ready for it.

Then, I ran into The Deeper Secret Part IV on Life Technology. They made a good point. Many people try to use The Secret to manifest money. Yet, money causes you to be greedy, and face it, it's never enough. Rockefeller was asked once, "When will you have enough money?" He answered, "When I have just a little bit more."

You might think that The Secret is so popular now, you can hardly throw a cyber stone without hitting something about it. At times this seems true, but these two articles give a different slant on The Secret.

Check them out and let me know what you think about manifesting what you want, the law of attraction, The Secret or anything else. I want stories, people!

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