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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ever Day Dream About Your Own Galaxy?

Have you ever day dreamed into the sky and wished you had your very own galaxy? Look no further! Now there is Galaxiki. The name stems from the words galaxy and wiki. Put it all together, and you have galaxies created using wiki technology.

There are over one million computer generated stars, and their moons, planets and other orbiting bodies. How does one care and feed one million stars? It's easy! The evolution, so to speak, of Galaxiki is completely driven by it's Galaxicians, or the user community. Galaxicians are volunteers who name stars, planets, moons by editing and describing them. Also, they describe the life forms and the history.

Jos Kirps, a self professed sci-fi fiend, lives in Luxembourg. Personally, I think Jos is a genius. Galaxiki just won the August 2007 Site of the Month Award from

Galaxiki is completely free. Even you don't sign up and leave your virtual mark, it is worth a gander at the creativity and eye candy. Itching to see more? Take the Tour.

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