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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Astrology Through Scientific Eyes

Many people view scientists as unimaginative, stodgy, starched collar types with thick dorky glasses held together with a band aid and oddly lacking any sense of humor or dress sense. Or, perhaps, as the Professor from Back to the Future - scatty, wacky, a little mad, yet somehow brilliant. (I must admit, it is difficult to find a picture of Einstein without his hair tossled.) I suppose there are cross sections of people in any field, but my father is a brilliant Physicist and he taught me that nothing could be further from the truth.

The sciences are not so far from Astrology. In order to be a true innovator of science, you need first an open mind. A good scientist needs to be able to imagine solutions or explanations that have not been pushed to the forefront of our consciousness or understanding yet.

You would think that hard core scientists would be the most skeptical of Astrology. Yet, many embrace it. Even more become intrigued with spiritual, metaphysical and parapsychology theories and investigations. I suppose that is only natural when your whole life centers around understanding the deeper workings of the human condition and the meaning of the universe. This goes far beyond the moon effecting tides. These questions dig deep into the nature of our personal relationship with the vastness of the universe.

If you want to dig in deep to some scientific minds and their discovery of Astrology, check out Space and Motion. I warn you, though, it is not for the faint of heart.

Space and Motion covers the Astrological influences of many great scientists. Oddly enough, most of the scientists themselves were surprised when they set out to quantify whether the planets could influence personality and ended up believers. Discover the Astrological minds of Albert Einstein (everyone knows Al, but he was a Physicist), Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosopher), Aldous Huxley (Literary great), Gottfried Leibniz (Mathematician), Hans Eysenck (Psychologist), Dr. Percy Seymour (Astronomer / Astrophysicist), Richard Feynman (Physicist) and Michel Gauquelin (Psychologist / Statistician).

There are some great links, book recommendations and interesting articles all over the site. I don't know if it is growing up with a scientific parent, but I really enjoy these types of investigations, theories and thoughts on Astrology. The long and short of it really is that we don't need to understand exactly how aspirin works in order to reap its benefits. The same is true with Astrology.

I understand the language of Astrology, but I leave it to those much more intelligent that I am to theorize about astronomical magnetic fields, Perpetual Finite Spherical Universe within an Infinite Eternal Space, and the Wave Structure of Matter.

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